Tire reinforcement

The products manufactured in the Glanzstoff’s plants are primarily intended for high-performance tires (high speed rating, "Run-flat" and racing tires), whether they are directed to the market of original equipment (tires fitted on new vehicles) or the replacement one. Thus, these products meet the highest requirements in terms of safety and performance, required by the automotive and tire industries. These cords and fabrics are used in various part of the tire where they help sustaining the high level of strain, deformation and temperature observed in a running tire, especially at high speed.

  1. Carcass (or body ply)
  2. Cap-ply (or overlay)
  3. Bead protection
  4. Chaffer
  5. Tire reinforcement

    Glanzstoff provides tailor made solutions for all these applications, such as Rayon fabrics which is the material of choice for the carcass of Ulta-High-Performance tires, or the Aramid and hybrid (Aramid/Polyamide) cords for the cap-ply of such tires. Thanks to its expertise in interface bonding, Glanzstoff’s products can be adjusted to the various rubber compounds used in the tire industry.

    Fiber Linear Density (dtex) Plies Twist Level (TPM)
    Rayon 1220–3680 1-12 160-550
    Aramid 840–3360 1-16
    Polyamide 66 700–2100 1-12
    Polyester 550–3340 1-16
    PVA 1330–2660 1-12
    Hybrids Tailor made combinations based
    on various fibers: Rayon, Aramid, PA66, PET, ...

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