As leading manufacturer of multifunctional high-tenacity polyester and cellulose fibers, as well as multi-material premium textile reinforcements the strategic goal is to provide value adding products as well as sustainable solutions for current and future demands of our customers.

Innovation, Research and Development

An experienced and highly motivated team of engineers and technicians is working at 3 competence centers in close cooperation with our customers to achieve this goal. The fields of research and development at Glanzstoff are manifold and can be categorized in 4 dimensions.


Glansztoff is collaborating with multiple partners from Industry and academia to provide answers for tomorrows challenges (list of former and present partners).

Intellectual Property

Glanzstoff’s IP-management does not only make sure that Glanzstoff’s intellectual property rights are protected through Confidentiality Agreements in collaborations, joint research and development activities and projects with national-international partnership but also monitors recent developments enabling research and development to include freedom-to operate in product development.

The structure of RnD

Glanzstoff’s RnD facilities are located next to the production sites and organized in 3 competence centers.

  • Production sites

    • Glanztoff Bohemia
    • Glanztoff Textilcord
    • Glanztoff Sicrem
    • Glanztoff Headquarter

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