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Glanzstoff technical fabrics are made out of man-made fibres such as Rayon, Polyester, Polyamide and Aramid, which are converted through a 3 steps manufacturing process :


  • The yarns, which are supplied in the form of cylindrical bobbins, are first of all twisted into a multi-plies cord construction where the number of plies is depending on final requirements (resistance to break, elongation under specific load).
  • For tire reinforcements, the cord is mostly designed on 1, 2 or 3-plies construction. Some heavy MRG (Mechanical Rubber Goods) products, such as big marine hose, require up to 15 plies.
  • Twisting equipment include the latest generation of « direct cablers », producing in a very efficient manner through high-speed and single-step process ; they have now become the industry standard for 2-plies cords, with optimum quality and cost. Multi-plies twisting equipment such as ring twisters, technocorder or two-for-one twisters, are also used to produce heavier cord constructions.


  • The cords produced after the twisting process are now woven into fabric by assembling up to 2000 warp threads which are kept together by a light cotton or elastic weft. Modern high-speed air-jet weaving looms are used to meet the quality standards of high-performance tire fabric.


  • The woven fabric is coated with a special adhesive that will ensure the bonding between the Rayon or synthetic cords and the rubber, and then undergoes thermo-mechanical treatment in order to set the customer-specific chemical and mechanical requirements. Glanzstoff’s dipping lines include 2-bath stations allowing to process all the common fibres used in a tire or rubber reinforcement.
Fiber Linear Density (dtex) Plies Twist Level (TPM)
Rayon 1220–3680 1-12 160-550
Aramid 840–3360 1-16
Polyamide 66 700–2100 1-12
Polyester 550–3340 1-16
PVA 1330–2660 1-12
Hybrids Tailor made combinations based
on various fibers: Rayon, Aramid, PA66, PET, ...

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