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1921 První česká továrna Glanzstoff a.s. (First Bohemian Glanzstoff Factory, Inc.) was established in Lovosice, specifically on 25 May 1921.

1925 Viscose fibre produced for textile applications.

1958 Following the merger with the Czech Artificial Silk Factory, one state-owned enterprise was formed under the business name of Severočeské chemické závody (SCHZ) Lovosice (North Bohemian Chemical Plants based in Lovosice).

1960 Start of production of high-strength viscose fibre for technical applications.

1966 End of production of TEXTILE viscose fibre.

1 September 1998 Glanzstoff - Bohemia s. r. o. was established.

After being taken over by the CAG group in 1994, Glanzstoff was looking to strengthen its market position; however, since the capacity of its plant in St. Pölten was fully utilized, they were looking for other production facilities, and there was a chance to acquire the Czech capacity following the second wave of privatization. On 1 September 1998 a production plant for technical viscose fibre was purchased from Lovochemie, and ever since then the plant has operated as Glanzstoff - Bohemia s.r.o., a wholly owned subsidiary of the Glanzstoff group.

2000 Exhaust gas cleaning facility was launched as state-of-the-art top quality equipment. Recovered sulphuric acid is re-used as raw material in the production process.

2002 A calcination facility was launched (to produce sodium sulphate).

There were catastrophic floods in August – the production operations resumed after just 6 weeks although the plant had been flooded up to 2 meters high.

2010 Installation of a zinc recovery plant on the basis of ion exchanger. Recovered zinc is re-used as raw-material.

2012 Second air-treatment unit for further reduction of emmissions was installed.

2013 For the industry zone Lovosice a flood protection against the 100 year water level was erected.

Glanzstoff Bohemia s.r.o., one of the most modern and environmentally friendly viscose spinning plants in the world is producing more than 12.000to of Viscord® yarn annually, using continuous spinning technology.

Viscord® is a high-quality viscose filament yarn with Continue Super 3 (CS3) tenacities, which is used by all well-known tire manufactures as yarn and fabric.

In the Mechanical Rubber Good industry as well as in composites the cellulosic based yarn is used as reinforcement material.

A highly efficient quality management system was developed in order to be able to offer our customers the highest quality. It consists of statistical process control (SPC) and regular process audits.

  • Cellulose from sustainable cultivated plantations
  • State of the art air purification
  • Use of closed substance circuits for emission reduction
  • Efficient, multi stage wastewater treatment
  • Highest safety standards
  • Respectful and inspiring working atmosphere

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