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Glanzstoff accepts its responsibility for its employees, the society and future generations very seriously. In past decades sustainability was almost exclusively a synonym for greening production. Nowadays sustainability is understood more and more in the original sense of the word:” the capability to endure”.

Based on the widely accepted 3-pillar model (see figure 1), employees of Glanzstoff are committed to find the best solution for society as well as our planet along with economic feasibility. This commitment lead to numerous achievements in the recent years, such as the prestigious #Responsible Care Award for Glanzstoff Bohemia, a #1 MW photovoltaic power station at Glanzstoff Textilcord or a #next generation water treatment plant at Glanzstoff Sicrem, with a unique technique to recycle latex containing waste water streams. Multiple research projects at Glanzstoff are dedicated to meet tomorrow’s needs, such as formaldehyde free dipping systems, biobased fiber-recycling as well as new applications for biobased man-made fibers.

As rayon producer Glanzstoff provides a high-tech product derived from renewable sources. The initial product for rayon production is solely pulp from sustainable cultivated plantations. Gasses containing sulphur that occur during production are converted to sulphuric acid in the world's most modern air purification system by means of a catalytic oxidation process, so that the strict emission limits are undershot. The sulphuric acid produced during air purification is fed directly back to the spinning process. Process water is treated in a multi-stage process in which sodium sulphate is isolated as a valuable by-product.

Efficient use of energy at Glanzstoff is not just limited to production, it also includes optimisation of the transport routes as well, for example. Due to the geographical location right in the heart of Europe,Glanzstoff can realise the shortest and hence the most fuel-efficient transport routes for ultra-high performance reinforcements.

A well-balanced company climate and compliance with the highest safety standards are an integral part of the corporate culture at Glanzstoff and, in addition to regular employee training and the use of the most modern machines, also includes mutual respect as the foundation of successful teamwork.

  • Cellulose from sustainably cultivated plantations
  • Ultramodern air purification (best available technology)
  • Responsible care awarded Rayon production
  • Use of closed substance circuits for emission reduction
  • Efficient, multi-stage wastewater treatment
  • Photovoltaic power station for conversion process
  • Efficient use of energy through the use of the latest technology
  • Short transport routes due to proximity to the sales markets
  • Positive company climate and the highest safety standards
  • Continuous investments in machinery and employees
  • Dedicated research and development programs to provide solutions for tomorrows needs


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